Hortus Praxis existed as a live collective occupation of a public park around the MUDAM, Museum of Contemporary Art of Luxembourg.

Following a strict foraging philosophy to produce, we mapped the 'useful' plants and flowers of the park. We foraged and experimented with ingredients to make drinks and ice creams for the opening. We built outside spaces to make music based on modifying gardening equipment as instruments to create water feedback sounds. We hosted printing workshops with home made natural inks, and printed the flyers for Hortus Praxis... on the last day.

P r o c e s s

Working outdoors Hortus Praxis establishes a different relation to time and adopts slow production and adaptation to the landscape as a guiding design philosophy. A museum is also an ecosystem. We recycled waste from the museum kitchen and workshops to make the installation.

Hortus Praxis at MUDAM

With a growing number of collaborators from different fields from gardeners to musicians, Hortus Praxis is evolving beyond the Mudam commission into a research project on cross-overs between design and ethnobotany.

project concept, design and art direction: Thomas Pausz
invited artists: phil shaw (printmaking), kira kira & Eiríkur Orri Ólafsson (music improvisation)
curated by: Nadine Eperlding & Stina Fisch for Mudam
studio assistant: Vanessa Berghman

the Alzette river, near Mudam museum, around 1904.