h O R T U S p R A X I S

Forage public gardens, produce locally & become part of the ecosystem.

Hortus Praxis responds to an invitation from Mudam Contemporary Arts Museum of Luxembourg to produce a public installation in the park Drei Eechelen for one summer.

Hortus Praxis's production processes respond to the resources of the garden and the locality of the museum. The mobile workshop is designed to produce ink, drinks, ice cream, music and furniture from these found and foraged materials during a series of participatory actions.

Working outdoors according to a radically site specific process, Hortus Praxis establishes a different relation to time and adopts slow production and adaptation to surroundings as a guiding philosophy for design improvisations.

Hortus Praxis at MUDAM

With a growing number of collaborators from different fields from gardeners to musicians, Hortus Praxis has evolved beyond the Mudam commission into a collective ready to activate gardens through art and design interventions

Hortus Praxis collective